Love, Babies and How the Former Can Sometimes Make the Latter

… and boys and girls, please, remember, birth control is YOUR FRIEND.

Thank you.

So anyway, I thought I would drop that in there since I was just reading my brother’s band’s website and these teens were discussing birth control on the message board. Apparently the band members (this, sadly, includes my darling brother), are well versed in birth control and we needn’t worry about them.

Thank God. Wait until I tell Mom….

Speaking of birth control in all of its glory–I went to Erin & John’s wedding on Saturday. Actually, I was in their wedding. I have to say, it was absolutely a fantastic wedding! Everyone loves their own wedding, but their wedding made me want to get married all over again. Or, at least, have another big party! woohoo!!! Aside from the other Maid of Honor (as a married hag, I was MATRON of Honor) blacking out at the altar (ladies, let’s keep those knees LOOSE!), the day went off with only one hitch: the bride and groom (cue cheesy laughter). See, they got hitched… hitch? hitched??! Ha!

Erin’s dress was beautiful–scoop neckline with beading on the bodice and a chapel length train. It was ivory and absolutely stunning! She had her hair up in a MASS of curls (if you know Erin, you know she has 5xs the average amount of hair on her head) with a beautiful crystal crown. I’d say tiara, but there was just so much sparkle, it was definitely a crown!

They had SO much food at their wedding, too! Oh my gosh–we just ate and ate and ate! They served appetizers, soup, salad, pasta, filet AND chicken, twice baked potato, vegetables, international coffee service, chocolate mousse, cake and a sweet table. HOLY COW–I have never eaten so much! 😀 Well, maybe I have, but this just tasted so good!!

At our wedding, our DJ forgot the music for our first dance. It was tragic because Frank and I worked hard to choreograph our first dance and then–woosh–no song! eeek. At Erin’s wedding, the DJ had our song and we danced our dance to it before the other guests arrived. It was very happy! 🙂

So this weekend I am going to run down to visit my sister in St. Louis for a couple of days. I can’t wait to see her!!! I LOVE HER!!! EH EH EH EH!

Okay, gotta be productive… must go get some lunch!!

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