Random survey I received from Jeff A.

1. Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Nope.

2. Missed school because it was raining: No, but I almost missed work because of it. It was raining so bad several of the expressways were flooded.

3. Put a body part on fire for amusement: …Not sure that I would find that amusing…

4. Been hurt emotionally: Who hasn’t?

5. Kept a secret from everyone: It has been known to happen…

6. Had an imaginary friend when you were young: Carrie. Then we had a terrible political disagreement and I haven’t seen her since.

7. Wanted to hook up with a friend: I married him…

8. Had a crush on a teacher: Sure thing.

9. Ever thought an animated character was hot? Simba from “The Lion King”… not sure why, but I thought he was a hottie.

10. Had a New Kids on the Block tape? No.


Shampoo: Pantene

Favorite color: Red

Day/Night: Day!… but then, sometimes night…

Summer/Winter: Summer!

Lace or satin: Satin feels better but I like how lace looks.

Fave cartoon Characters: Not sure

Fave Food: I do not favor one food over another, although I have to tell you Frank and I have been eating a lot of chicken.

Fave Advertisement: I love them all! Except for the college advertisment that escapes my mind… hmmm

Fave Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip.

—————–RIGHT NOW——————

Wearing: A sweater and jeans

Hair is: In a pony tail

Eating: Chewing gum

Drinking: going to make a quick trip to the bev. station in a bit for some diet coke and water

Thinking about: Why I am not working… clearly this is a waste of time…

Listening to: My boss on the phone in her office.

Cried: A couple of weeks ago

Worn a skirt: Last weekend–Frank was very happy.

Met someone new: Recently, I’m sure.

Cleaned your room: Frank cleaned it yesterday–what a stud.

Drove a car: This morning

—————DO YOU BELIEVE IN ——————

Yourself: Mostly

Your friends: Mostly

Santa Claus: No.

Tooth Fairy: Yes, and she has far too many of my teeth.

Destiny/Fate: Yep

Angels, spirits, afterlife: Yep

Ghosts: Hm… not sure.

Devil: Yes

UFO’s: I could be swayed

———————RIGHT NOW—————————

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes, but don’t tell my husband!

Who have you known the longest of your friends: Trisha K since 1986ish

Who is the loudest: Trisha K, oddly enough

Who do you cry to: Frank

Worst Feeling: Going shopping and not being able to find pants that are long enough.

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