Quick Update…

I have to run to a meeting in a few minutes, but here is a lowdown on my weekend (just in case someone reads my blogs…) Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary!!! YAY!

Friday Frank and I saw Intolerable Cruelty with Catherine Zeta and my baby George C. After that we went to dinner at Luigi’s on Rt.59 and then back home. Lovely night.

Saturday I had brunch with Katy S at Cracker Barrel. Then I put together a few things for Frank’s career fair at SIUC for his work. After that, I went home and put together dinner and we ate around 7:30ish. Craig and Jamie invited us up to see their townhouse. IT IS AMAZING! WOW! A world of difference since Jamie moved in–very clean, new room arrangements and furniture–overall, just awesome!! WOOHOO!!

Sunday I made pancakes and Frank had to fly off to SIU C for his career fair thing with work. Then I did some shopping, washed my car, went to church and came home for the night.

That’s it!! Gotta go!

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