This I know about myself…

I know that I should not leave long voicemails. A simple, “Hey, this is Emily R. Please give me a ring back at this number. Thanks!” should be good enough. But no, I just can’t hang up the phone without babbling on and on. I just left one doozy of a voicemail for a supervisor in a different division. I told her all about a billing problem and how we need to discuss it when she has a free minute, etc. But see, I always leave out one important detail, such as, “By the way, this is for XYZ client” or “This is in reference to estimate 834” or anything that would give the poor listener a point of reference. Instead I probably frustrate and confuse the recipient which could be cause for them to NOT return my phone call–oy!


The couch is in!!! We will be receiving our most comfy sofa-sleeper on Friday, Aug 29th. This is HUGE! 🙂 Well, not quite as huge as the bed was. That was also a very important moment in our soon-to-be married lives, that’s for sure! And to think, we only have 30 days to go! EEEEK!


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