The Weekend!

Here goes the recap:

Friday–I left work and went home to do the lovely task of writing thank you notes. Don’t get me wrong–I appreciate everyone’s thoughtful gifts, but these thank you notes take a lot out of ya! I wrote and wrote until about 11 p.m. before crashing. Soooo sleepy!

Saturday–I had my first dress fitting since the dress was too short. THE DRESS IS PERFECT!!!! YAY!!! I was soooo happy, you have no idea. I felt beautiful, like a princess, in my dress!! I love it I love it I love it!! ๐Ÿ˜€ After that, I went down to Naperville to do a few things around the apartment before going to see Uptown Girls with Kim, Kate and Dorothy. The movie was very sweet. Due to my overly emotional nature these days (hormonal and otherwise), I was near tears through the whole thing. Eeeek! After the movie we chatted for a while and then the girls left. Frank came home from work shortly after that and we went to the River Walk in downtown Naperville. We had a delicious dinner at the Front Street Cantina and explored some of my favorite shops such as The Gap.

Sunday–I met up with Frank at work and we had a little barbeque with the guys from work. I grilled up some hamburgers and we had a lovely time. Frank’s second flight of the day canceled and we decided to use that time to do some furniture shopping. At Carson’s Home Gallery we found an awesome couch and chair that we both loved. At Target we found a TV stand and then at Circuit City we found a receiver for Frank’s speakers. All in all, a good shopping day! We went back to the apartment and manly-man Frank set up the TV stand while I put together dinner (home-run Inn Pizzas… yum!) After dinner, Frank’s friend and former co-worker Jeff A stopped over. He pledges to be our “Kramer”–staying at our house, answering our phone and eating our food. Delightful! Frank and Jeff left to go do guy stuff (ie. drink at a bar) and I stayed around for a little bit before going home. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and today is my mom’s so on my way home, I picked up a delicious birthday cake for both of them and we sang happy birthday. YAY!

That’s all for now! Only 32 days to go until the BIG day! ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY!!!

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