The client just called and left my boss a message letting us know that they are throwing a baby shower for another one of the clients at their office. He let us know that if all of us would like to get together and send a present, we certainly could! And he also mentioned that we might want to send the word to our parent company and tell them that if they would like to do the same, the could do that as well. How generous! So my boss came over and said that she was going to tell them they were throwing me a bridal shower and that if they wanted to send ME a gift, they could do that as well. Hee hee. I don’t think she’ll do that, but heck, if it means I’m going to get a present, yeehaw!

Another note…

Mysterious people seem to come across my blogger. Frank’s Aunt Sybil said that her daughter-in-law found the board and read it all the time. So hello to everyone out there that reads this journal!! You can feel free to email me at tallgrl98@aol.com if you would like!

We still have 38 days to go… crazy times!!!

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