Feeling a Little Better

Okay, so after lunch I calmed down a little bit. But I can feel myself still teetering on the edge of being angry–and for what!? My tummy is all in knots and I keep clamping down my jaw so that’s a little tight too. I cannot be a bundle of nerves now–I’m not even close to the wedding! Well, okay, I’m in denile. We are VERY close to the wedding and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but geesh–it sure is a lot to handle on so many fronts.

The only thing that keeps me from totally losing it is Frank. He is awesome. He is my rock and he makes me laugh and helps me through this crazy time. We are a good team together and I know that as long as we keep a team focused attitude, we will thrive. Well, that’s not the deciding factor in our impending marriage, but it’s one of our strong points as a couple. I just think the world of him.

So anyway… yes, feeling better. We will make it and I will be semi-sane! Thank God there is a honeymoon after the wedding!!!

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