Happy Thursday!

Today Frank and I sign the lease on our apartment–how exciting! We were able to get an awesome deal on a 2 bedroom first floor apartment in Naperville. The building is close to the train for me and to the airport for FK. Friday FK and my brother, Andy R, are going to move all of our stuff into the apartment and then I will organize and clean after work. Then I will set FK up with an air mattress and go home. Then Saturday morning, bright and early, we will get our brand new king size super squishy bed–yippy! Both of us loved the bed and I am sure that FK will be happy to sleep on something better than a hide-a-bed. (sp?) Of course, he can’t get too comfy taking over the entire bed… In a month and a half he’s going to have to MOVE OVER!

This wedding thing is a little stressful. We have so much stuff left to do and so little time–but we will make it! I have a million to-do lists cruising through my poor brain–eek!

Only 50 days to go!

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