Hellllo out there!

This weekend was quite busy!

Friday: Went to visit with the wedding coordinator at the church. She had some great ideas that I hope to use for our wedding. We went through the lay-out of the church and hung out in the bridal room. That made me very excited about the wedding! Then I drove to DeKalb to see my friend Katy S who I love very dearly. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and talked about everything we could think of. Then I drove back to Naperville to see the apartment, get a copy of our lease and make sure everything was in order for move-in. The apartment is a good size–2 bedrooms and it has a laundry room too! I made Frank dinner and then we went out with The Grelck’s. Good times. They have a nice apartment and a lovely dog named Giles who is getting neutered today–poor doggy!!

Saturday: Mom and I went down to Naperville and saw my sample bouquet!!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! They are deep purple cala lillies and they are sooo dramatic! I love them! Frank loved them too–which is always good. After that I went home and helped around the house, ran some errands and went up to Antioch for Frank’s nephew’s birthday. Luke turned 1 on the 25th and we all celebrated together. He was adorable when he was eating his cake. First he tentatively scooped some up, watching his mom to see if she would tell him “no.” When he realized that it was a free-for-all, he went nuts, plastering cake in part of his hair and getting all sugared up! After dinner, I met up with Frank (he worked Sat) and we saw Pirates of the Caribean. That was okay–funny in some parts, but the violence was a touch much in others.

Sunday: SHOWER DAY! What fun!! We ate good food, played a few games and opened presents. Frank was such a good sport 🙂 Afterwards, we were both tuckered out. I was moving some boxes around and he went to lie down for a minute. When I went to check on him, he was out cold. The spot on the bed next to him looked comfy, so I hopped in. Next thing I knew–it was an hour later!!

Anyway, today, Monday, I am back at work. Sigh. Only 53 days to the wedding!!!!!

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