What I've been up to…

Monday: Worked until 4:30 when my boss said, “Let’s go home!”–so we did. Had dinner with Andrea G–very good times. Had Jimmy Johns and talked about all things wedding, apartment and family related.

Tuesday: Came home at 7:30 and realized a couple of things. First, I gave my Future Mother-in-Law the wrong date for the bridal shower. I am a bad, bad Future Daughter-in-Law. Frank surprised me with a quick visit, which was fabulous. Actually, Frank is such a stud. Our leasing agent was going to put us in a one bedroom with a den on the 3rd floor without an elevator in the dog building. After Frank was done with him, we were in a two bedroom on the ground floor NOT in the dog building. YIPPY! FRANK ROCKS!!!!

Wednesday: Today we are going to meet with our pastor and go over a premarital test we took. It will identify our strengths and weaknesses, etc. And then that will help us work through differences and understand eachother. We are also going to go over our ceremony. YAY!

Thursday: We are meeting with our wedding captains at the reception hall. I have a great idea for a surprise for Frank–shhhh! it’s a secret!!!

Friday: Lounging at the lake ALL day with Erin B and her fiance, John D. I can’t wait!

Only 65 days to the wedding!

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