La la la la la

Well, this morning I overslept hardcore. Like, my dad had to page my room and ask if I had the day off today. I didn’t. I was at least 30 minutes late–YIKES! But it’s all good now.

I made phonecalls this morning to the church and two reception halls to figure out what availability there was for September/October/November 2003. Not much–but we will find something, so help me! A lot of girls have these visions of what their wedding will be like, but I never got as far as I thought I would. And it turns out that the groom (shocker!) actually has an opinion! And that’s been kind of helpful because that will make it OUR wedding as opposed to MY wedding.

So, in a few short weeks we need to have our church, our hall, our photographer, our flowers, our dresses, etc all selected. How crazy! Saturday Frank and I are going to meet with our wedding consultant/planner to see what she can do. YAY!

Saturday I am also asking Frank’s sisters to stand up in the wedding. I am a little nervous about asking them, actually. Well, I’m not sure if I am nervous about having lunch with just the two of them or if I am nervous about asking them. I think they will say yes–at least I hope they do! I will let everyone know the official line up once it’s all finalized 🙂

That’s it for now… I gotta get back to workin’!

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