Right now my tummy is in knots. My back is in knots. I didn’t sleep well last night–my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts. I weighed about 4 #s more than I usually do. I am an emotional wreck.

“Doggy Food”

To highlight my hysteria, I am going to relate to you a true story. Please, when you see Frank, hug him and hold him. He needs it in this hour of need.

Frank and I were sitting outside of church in the car on a bright and sunny Wednesday. We had been pleasantly talking before we went in to see Danny, our pastor. La la la. Something reminded me of a story about my little sister, Sarah. I started to tell Frank this story:

So when Sarah learned how to crawl, she developed a passion for dog food. Often she’d be playing innocently with her toys in the family room when she would notice that someone forgot to close the laundry room door (where we stored the doggy dish) and she would be at the bowl in a flash. Eventually we would realize that Sarah was missing and we didn’t even hesitate to run to the dog bowl. There she would be, crouching over the bowl, shoveling the delightful morsels into her full cheeks. She would see me coming, running at this point, and her little fists would begin to shake in panic. She tried to shovel faster, but her face was at capacity. I can still see her, a halo of blonde hair around her face, rosy red, stuffed cheeks puffed out with dog food and big blue eyes staring up at me as I leaned down to “sweep” the dog food out of her cheeks.

It was this vision of Sarah that caused me to laugh hysterically on Wednesday. I could hardly breath as I was relating this story to Frank. I looked at him in the midst of my laughing fit and suddenly, without any control, I burst into tears. I sobbed while Frank’s face showed only terror. The thoughts passing through his mind were clear: PANIC! PANIC! MAY-DAY!!!! You should have seen it! So then I started laughing and crying simultaneously. And Frank, hands open in disbelief shook his head.

Later Frank asked our pastor if this is what happens when you make your girlfriend your wife. I hope he’s not having second thoughts 🙂

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