Mountain Ranges

I know I usually write amusing things on my blogspot, but with the abundance of serious decisions and serious world affairs, I have a lot of very serious things on my mind. Perhaps that has been my mental block in writing anything meaningfully funny here.

Frank and I are getting married. This sunk in a few nights ago. Yes, it took a little bit to really hit me… but when it did, it was like standing at the base of a gigantic mountain and looking straight up to it’s highest peaks. I was filled with joy because of how breathtaking it is. But at the same time–GULP! What a huge commitment!! This is not something to take lightly. As he reminds me (daily), we just need to take it one step at a time.

Beyond that mountain is an entire mountain range of new futures and new lives. How will this world be for our children? Your children? What kind of legacy are we leaving behind? Is this world really better than when we first entered it? How can I do my part? Is working on a media plan something that improves our culture? Our world? How does this all fit into the big picture?

Things get done by taking on manageable pieces. Do what you can do in a day and then rest. I forget this a lot.

Those are my thoughts. Cheesy as they may be.

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