Where, oh where did my HEAD go!?

I believe I have taken up permanent residence on cloud 9. Distracted by the excitement of planning a wedding and marrying Frank, I have neglected to bring my head with me where ever I go. I walk into rooms and forget why I went there. I leave the room and remember what I had gone in there for. I leave my cell phone and building pass at home. I walk into door frames and leave my debit card on my desk at work (it was still there in the morning).

I also have delusions of grandeur, while I’m at it. I believe that I am Martha Stewart meets Super Woman. I envision myself making 50 or so center pieces. This is hogwash since I don’t have the artsy craftsy attention to make it through small sewing projects with my mom. I have visions of hand made invitations, Martha Stewart-esque bridesmaids gifts and a homemade groom’s cake for the wedding. This insanity also has me believing that I will find the perfect dress in two minutes and that once we have the guest list, the place and the date–the rest of the wedding will be NO sweat.


The real task at hand is getting through this week. Work has been okay (thank goodness!), but the preliminary wedding stuff is crazy! Frank and I are not sure of the date (although we are telling people 8/28/04). Tonight Frank’s parents are meeting my parents (holy crap batman!). I’m not really nervous about it (lies, lies, lies) because I have confidence (wow, more lies) that our families will hit it off (hopefully not with fists…). And besides, it’s my wedding (and Frank’s too) and no one can tell me what to do.

Did I mention the delusions??

I am, by nature, very prone to wanting to please everyone. Maybe I will have to crack open the Dr. Phil book I got last Easter (entitled “Self Matters”) for some weekend reading. So anyway, where this is going is that while I have made it my mantra “THIS IS MY WEDDING” I will probably find myself saying, “Oh, I guess we can go with the lilac fluffy bridesmaid dresses… sure, I think we should invite our cousin’s cousin’s children’s dog… and, no, I don’t mind shaving my head–tradition IS tradition I suppose…” I may as well roll over right now.


I had intentions of relating my very exciting vacation experience to all of you, but I am distracted (see my section called “FOCUS!”) and if you really want to know, I’ll tell you later. Just know Frank and I made it home. And Frank is pealing.

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