Livin' in CRAZY times…

Good things for a buck? Candy and me… for $1.

Shoppy Shop

Last night Kate and I went shopping. We had planned a date with Target. I love Target–I can’t leave that store empty handed! As we pulled into the parking lot, Kate said, “Oh! A dollar store!” Now, when I think of a dollar store, I think icky interior with cheap-o toys. It brought back memories of Christmas shopping when I was little.

But last night, Kate and I walked through the doors into our very own wonderland of happiness! They had all sorts of fun books, toys, games, candy–you name it! I got Frank a present at the dollar store–aren’t I an awesome girlfriend? Kate and Jamie are planning to go back to see what other treasures they can uncover.

This leads me to my job… I think that I saw my resume at the dollar store… “Hire me–$1”


So, I was chatting with my lovely cubemate, Angie. I was whining to her about how we don’t make any money and how we work all these crazy hours. She mentioned I may have missed the memo.

“What memo?” I thought. She emailed it to me. It is here in its entirety. Poetry, really.



To: All Employees

From: Management

Re: Your Paychecks

We don’t do it for the money, we do it because we LOVE it!


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