Whiney Time.

First of all, I feel FAAAAAAT. Really, really fat. And ugly. urgh. This is what happens when your best fantasies involve chocolate… lots of chocolate. Swimming in chocolate. And in my perfect world, there wouldn’t be any hygeine issues relating to swimming in chocolate.

Secondly, my mom and I were talking on the phone. Then she put me on hold. Then she never came back. What kind of world is it when your MOTHER puts you on hold and never comes back??

I am itching to run a lap or something.

Have I mentioned that I’m getting old now too? OLD. I am decrepit, practically. Hmm. I wonder if the AA has any more brownies at her table?

NO! Emily, don’t think bad thoughts… Finish writing in your blogger and catch the train home. And go to the mall! That will stop you from eating… (courtesy of my inner conscience)

Oh! My mood is improving! Shoppy-shop time! I can’t wait!

Anyone want to go with me???

RA!!!!! YAY!! Spirit fingers!!!

I’ll let you all know how it turns out! CHEERS!

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