That is a happy, contented yawn.

Let’s see. I worked all day then caught the “early” train (my early is someone else’s normal train) and I went straight down to Lombard to see my schmoopie pants (Frank to everyone else). We had some dinner and watched the Twilight Zone. The shows were okay, not really very creepy. Then Frank and I went to Riley’s and he had a couple beers and I had about 4 sips of a diet coke. Which brings me to my next thought.

Riley’s consistently screws up the diet coke mix. It doesn’t even TASTE like diet coke. I need to remember not to order it when we go. Every time we go, I say, “Frank, this diet coke sucks.” Of course, every time I still order it. There is a long learning curve on this for me. Eventually I will associate Riley’s with bad diet coke and order a beer like a normal person. Except that I have a low tolerance. Which brings me to my next thought.

For drinking diet coke all day, I sure am tired. Good night!


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