…Elevator Adventures

Sometimes, when I’m good, I get to go on little adventures around the office. Today I went to 21 to get a bag of popcorn and a new ID Thingy.

ID Thingy

This ID Thingy is amazing. I used to have to wear my ID around my neck on a green string that said “Starcom”. But on 21, the receptionist gave me a handy-dandy belt clip that has my ID on a retractable string. Let’s just say it’s hours of fun at my desk!

Aside from its functional purposes, the belt clip also serves a very important social purpose here at the office. Having a belt clip ID Thingy says to others, “This chick is in the KNOW. She is HOOKED UP. She rocks because someone told her to put away her lame green ID holder and get herself a TRENDY, totally FABULOUS ID Thingy.” This experience will be documented on my internal resume and future strategy/investment groups will beg to have me on their team.

Man in the Elevator

While on my adventures, my elevator stopped at the 14th floor. A man got on. He was about 40, 5’8 3/4″ and 168.6 lbs. I managed to notice this while admiring my semi-good hair day in the reflective panel over the elevator buttons. The doors closed and I became aware of some rythmic noises coming from his corner of the elevator. Tap tap tap, whap whap, scratch scratch. I looked over and the man in the elevator was doing his version of STOMP in the elevator corner with his hands. It was like he couldn’t help himself. And then, in his caffeine induced hysteria, he started slapping his foot alternately against the wall and the floor of the elevator. “What is UP, Captain Crazy??” I want to ask–but I refrain. After all, I have had days where I was running laps through the halls of Starcom, trying to burn some extra energy–it happens when the company gets us all hopped up on caffeine.

On the prowl…

So I had a salad for lunch (good Emmy). And I had a snack of popcorn (aren’t we just a good girl? yes we are!). But now my tummy is growling. And I have finished off all the sweet tarts. And work has slowed down for a minute…. and no one has free food from meetings… COOKIE TIME!!! To the elevators I go!

But no worries, all you points counters out there… I share with my cube mate.

Gotta jet. Chow!

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