Lost my train of thought…

While sitting in my class presentations today, I thought of a whitty blog update. It had to do with the weightloss webpage… which I will start next week, after I finish the other half of my chocolate frosted krispy kreme donut. I still have 4 more hideous lbs to go before I reach my goal–sigh.

Anyway, my train of thought was completely derailed during the second to last scheduled presentation. Jessie, a girl in my class, had just finished presenting and was waiting for her group to finish. She was standing behind the podium, near the wall unit which houses the computer. While we were watching her group member finish the presentation, Jessie slumped to the ground. On her way down, she crashed into the wall unit and slammed her head against several shelves.

At first, I had to bite back a giggle. I am wearing heals today and had envisioned a similar fate for myself. I have a tendency to balance on one foot, sway and do other annoying and dangerous things. Anyway, I figured that she had tripped on a cord or lost her balance. Plus, with the rush of adrenaline from presenting, she could have been shaky. Regardless, Jessie went down, but never recovered. Michelle, our PIT professor went to her immediately and established that she was breathing, but not conscious. They tried putting cold water on her neck and face, but to no avail. Someone in the room called security while the rest of us sat still, not sure whether to move or not. No one wanted to be a nuisance, but at the same time everyone wanted to make sure she was okay.

When security arrived, Jessie was still not conscious. She was breathing, but that was it. It was the strangest thing because while she was presenting, she seemed to be doing fine. I was even admiring her white blouse with a pretty flower on it. We all know that I pay attention to the important things.

Anyway, the net net is that I was going to have some sort of witty reply, but I got nothin’. I think I’m going to go get a smoke. Wait. I don’t smoke. Maybe I’ll go up to the Starbar (yes, my office has a bar) and I will inhale someone else’s second hand smoke… hmm..

By for now…

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