(Not for Frank’s eyes)

Today was an OK day. I was going about my day just minding my own business. La la la la… Bliss, really. I came home and took out my earrings and I was putting them away when I looked over to my little cactus plant on my dresser. I received Mr. Cactus as a present from Frank’s parents when they went to Arizona.

“Hm, that’s funny,” I thought, “The cactus is drooping. I didn’t know cacti could droop.” Curiosity got the best of me and I went over to the drooping plant and sort of picked it by it’s thorns–which were soft. It appears that my cactus has deflated! Or committed suicide. OR even worse–someone watered my cactus!

Well, I would hate for this to get back to Frank and his family. They will surely make him break it off if they know about my herbicide! Does anyone know if Mr. Cactus can recover from a mild over-watering? Or is that the end of him?

Let me know. Until next time, have a good night everyone!

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