Shoppy Shoppy!

After getting past my massive sinus headache this morning, Jamie and I did a little “shoppy shoppy” today! We done good. Jamie bought some great transition pieces into the summer for SUPER cheap. I got two skirts that originally retailed at $90/each for $20/each. But here’s the thing. There is a beautiful summer dress that I loved. It was floral and a dark pinkish red and it had a BOW on the side!! Who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately this baby isn’t on sale yet. It’s $88. Do I risk waiting for it go on sale, only to not be able to get it in my size… or do I snatch it up and wear it all summer long??

See, that’s the thing with shopping. You just don’t know. You want to get the best deal and save some mad cash. But at the same time, there is this amazing game going on between you and the seller.

How it goes:

Me: “I like what you got, Mr. JCrew Man.”

JCREW: “Baby, I know. I know.”

Me: “But I don’t like it so much. I don’t like it $88’s worth. I like it about $40’s worth.”

JCREW: “You can’t get a hot piece of dress like this just anywhere. This is one hot dress. Feel it. Yeah, that’s right. You want it.”

Me: “You know, GAP has something like it… much cheaper… more colors…”

JCREW: “Baby, why you gotta talk like that? Don’t leave me…”

Me: “I’m just sayin’… My money goes a little further over there… unless…”

JCREW: “Oh, Emily, Please, play nice. What can I do?? Just say the word!”

Me: “How about you come down on the price a little bit? Just 40%… you have mad-crazy margins.”

JCREW: “It is a pretty dress you know. Makes you look 10 lbs thinner.”

Me: “10?”

JCREW: “Maybe 15.”

Me: “30%”



But see, the reality of this is that JCrew has a plan. They are going to put stuff on sale when they sell a certain amount or by a certain date. They have no idea who I am and are not interested in playing “let’s make a deal”. But sometimes, when it’s dark and I am lonely, I pretend that they would negotiate. And I smile.

Everyone, have a safe and happy Saturday night!



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