things i think about

for real.

1) I plan things in my head all the time.  I’ve been thinking about how to arrange our living room for a long time now.  I’m thinking a sectional sofa is in our future to maximize the space.  I’ve also been working on my kitchen in my head too.

2) What did Jesus REALLY look like.  Like, was he short?  Tall?  Did he have acne as a teenager?

3) How in the world did people know to put eggs in with flour and sugar to make cake??  Like, was someone standing around with an egg and a bag of flour and they thought, “Well, I like eggs and I like flour… I wonder if they like eachother??”  And how about cheese? Who said, “No, no, let that pail of milk stand for a while until it becomes thick and delicious – then we can put it in a can and spray it on crackers and call it Cheez Whiz.”  Amazing.

4) What would cars look like if we didn’t have the horse and buggy first?  I mean, is it that intuitive to put the engine in the front?  Would it be better to put the engine in the back?

5) What is the origin of kissing?  What made us humans think “You know, I saw Frank eat all of that food and he seemed to be pretty happy about putting that in his mouth – I think I’d like to kiss him to see what that’s all about.”  I’m not saying that I don’t LOVE smooching (cuz I LOVE smooching), I’m just saying, why didn’t humans say, “Hey, why not fist bump?”

6) When the fuel light comes on in my car, how far can I really go?  I’ve gone about 20 miles before after getting the light, but I’m never sure if the fuel light really means it.  When I accelerate, sometimes the light goes off.  Is that my cars way of saying, “Peddle to the metal, Em!  Let’s go!”

7) When I’m driving on the highway, I mentally zoom out so that I can “see” my car cruising down the road from the air.  Then I zoom out more, and I can see my car tracing the curve of the Earth.  It makes me feel small.

That’s all for now.  I know, I ended with 7.  Who does a top 7 list? I do.

 I wonder why…