Hi! Welcome to my blog!

While my life mostly consists of work, there are other interesting things going on!

This weekend:

Friday night I have a retreat for my small group. We are going to the Summerfield Suites in Schaumburg.

Saturday, I am going to the bank and then I am going to do stuff… not sure what yet… anyone want to do stuff? Then Saturday night Frank and I are going to do something, but we’re not sure what. Possibly Jamie’s sister’s birthday. Hm. We shall see how coherent both of us are.

Sunday Frank and I go to church at 5:30 at Christ Church of Oak Brook. At first I thought, “NO WAY! A church at the MALL??? What an awesome idea!” But I was wrong. Oh well. This is still a nice church and I really like the pastor, Danny White.

That’s it for now!